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I have a true passion for helping women gain clarity about their true purpose and greatest gifts, and then create a super-successful business and life that allows them the freedom to make money while balancing a joyful home life and time for self care. Think it can’t be done?

Try me.

If you’re not sure where to begin, schedule a 1-Hour Strategy Session with me at a greatly reduced rate ($100).

Or…check out my Mentoring Programs below and apply for the one that “calls” you!



Many people have asked me how I went from quitting my lucrative job in business development and water resources engineering for one of the largest firms in the world to replacing my salary within a year.

I started by becoming extremely clear about how I wanted to experience my daily life…how I wanted to use my God-given talents to serve people and make the world a better place balanced with being an awesome mom to my three kids, staying fit, and having energy left over for my marriage! I learned by observing other successful women who had done exactly what I wanted to, combined with the business development strategies and skills I’d learned during 13 years as a business woman in the corporate world.

The proposals I wrote helped my firm win $12 million dollar contracts. In return for insanely long hours away from my children and sleepless nights, I received an “atta boy” and a $50 gift card. I wondered, why couldn’t I learn to do that for myself while serving others and loving every minute of my work?

So I did. YOU can too.

Let me guide you so you can learn from and avoid my mistakes. You will be amazed what you can accomplish with the mentorship of a woman who cares and has been exactly where you are. I will help you create a viable and lucrative business that showcases and embraces your gifts and unique skills. I’ll show you how to many money and enjoy every minute

I can help you learn how to become clear about how you want to spend your working hours, then determine how much you actually want to work and what you want to earn to support your dream lifestyle. We will calculate backward to help you understand how much you need to make through the multiple streams of income that I will help you devise…and then create a concrete plan.

Yes. List building, business development, setting goals and a doable plan on how to achieve them…that’s what I’ll do with you.

What You’ll Get

A 1-hour power session where we will become clear about exactly how you are going to make money by working the schedule YOU want to work, creating your ideal work-life balance. Together, we will help you understand how to create the business of your dreams, or take your current business to a whole new level!


$250 per session or $800 per month.

Apply HERE



Passion. It’s one of my favorite words, and it’s the “feeling” I have used to guide me toward living my purpose and my dream life.

Sometimes living your Dharma, or life’s purpose, starts with a little spark that just needs a little love and encouragement to bloom into a full-on flame. Do you have that spark within?

Are you finally ready to live every part of your life with more JOY and PASSION? It would be my honor to work with you and help you craft and carry out your dreams.

The Spark Sessions are right for you if:

  • You feel as though you have greatness within and have a strong desire to make the world a better place in your own unique way
  • You have had a yearning…an aching, to express yourself
  • You want feel good about yourself in every way, and to feel like you are living with PURPOSE
  • You want to create success, ON YOUR OWN TERMS
  • You want to create a life with flexibility — to be the mom you know you can be while pursuing your own gratifying success, all with time left over for exercising and self-care
  • You want to stop feeling overwhelmed, and start feeling on fire…passionate…about your life again?

Maybe you simply want to experience more joy and satisfaction right where you are, or you want a more passionate marriage. A passionate marriage starts with a happy and “on-fire” YOU.

I know without a doubt that happy moms are the best moms, and it’s one of my strongest passions to help you to live with purpose and joy.

This coaching program is a phenomenal place to start!

About 4-years ago, I too had had that fuzzy longing and knowing that I was meant to do something more…but had no idea what it was. I had a strong desire to help people directly, and to feel like I was helping to make the world a better place. I knew my Dharma was to LOVE. I worked, struggled, and spent a lot of time in meditation to figure it out.

Now, I know exactly how to help you become crystal clear about your purpose and passion, and create a step-by-step plan on how to move forward with the life of your dreams!

What You’ll Get

Weekly one-hour coaching calls with me, as well as access anytime via email/text. This will be an incredible experience where I will guide you through a proven step-by-step process to discover your passion and then develop a plan to help you create that life and LIVE IT!


$250 per session or $800 per month.

Apply HERE



So many women have amazing, unique, and powerful stories that absolutely MUST be shared with the world. I know that One Hot Mama was bubbling in my heart and consciousness for years before I had the opportunity to write it

I have taken extensive (and expensive) training courses and have been mentored by people like Reid Tracy (CEO of Hay House Publishing), Dr. Lissa Rankin, and Dr. Wayne Dyer (New York Times Bestselling Author) on how to write book proposals and what it takes to get a book published. I have learned from the absolute best in the business. I want to share all of this knowledge with you!

Do you have a book simmering within you? If so, I am the person to help you learn how to bring your book to life…to help you birth that book.

Getting a book published is definitely not an easy endeavor, but if it’s your calling, then you MUST do everything you can to make it happen. I can show you how. I will guide you through the process of writing an amazing and standout book proposal. Your book proposal must be phenomenal to get noticed in the 50-100 book proposals that publishing houses receive each day! My One Hot Mama Book Proposal is now used as the example on how to write a book proposal in training courses at writing retreats taught by New Your Times Bestselling Author, Lisa Fugard.

I will also help you learn how build your platform, which is one of the biggest keys to getting a publishing contract. I will teach you everything I know, and mentor you through this overwhelming process!

How to know if this mentoring program is right for you:

  • You know your message is unique, powerful, and ready to be shared with the world!
  • You’ve have had an idea for a book that’s been simmering for years, and it’s aching to be written.
  • You know you are meant to write a book but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve self-published, but are ready to go after a publishing contract with a major publishing house.
  • You’ve felt lonely in your author-aspirations and are ready to finally make things happen with a mentor guiding you.

What You’ll Get

  • A weekly mentoring session with me (for two-months) to gain clarity on your book and proposal.
  • An outline of what must be included in your book proposal as well as other learning materials.
  • An extensive and printable guide on how to build your audience an “list.”
  • Assistance with your marketing plan (the most important part of your proposal).
  • Example book proposals that have landed publishing contracts with Hay House.
  • Content editing of your book proposal.



Apply HERE



So you want to do it all? You want to create your passion business and use your greatest gifts and serve the world while making an abundant living, launching your business to the next level, and maybe even writing a book? Sounds like working with me on a more intimate basis is exactly what you need.

I will be accepting 3 PREMIUM Mentoring clients in 2014– women who are committed to shifting their lives in to a place of joy, vitality, fulfillment, and passion!

This program is for women who are committed to making huge shifts in their lives.

The Premium Passion-Seeker Mentoring Program has an application process to ensure that you and I are the right fit.

You could be one of these few women if:

  • You know you can be a happier woman and better mom, and you’re not sure what’s holding you back.
  • You’re ready to create the life of your dreams, with time for your health, family, and personal passions.
  • You are ready to launch your already successful business to the next level while staying in alignment with your priorities.
  • You want to create numerous streams of income so your business can run with less direct input from you.

What You’ll Get

  • A 2-hour intense coaching session twice a month for 6-months.
  • A 1-day, 10-hour fully customized coaching intensive in one of five locations with ultra beautiful accommodations to fuel your creativity (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Portland, your choice – all expenses paid except travel to location).
  • Coaching intensive day will include brainstorming, planning, discovering, devising, planning, and creating. It is guaranteed to be a powerful and life-changing experience! It’s astounding what we can accomplish in a day together!
  • A detailed, complete, and actionable plan on how you can move forward and actually reach your goals and make your dreams come true.
  • A co-created compete list of 1-month, 6-month, 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals and action items needed to achieve them.
  • Accountability, love, and unwavering support from me.
  • Access to me via email or phone appointment for quick questions at any time during business hours.
  • Free access to all of my online classes and programs
  • A bonus coaching call with a notable expert related to your specific needs (I have an extensive rolodex of the world’s leading experts who she can connect you with).



Apply HERE


If you have questions or would like to set up a time to discuss any of these coaching programs, please contact Erin at


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